Music ministry

The purpose of our music ministry is to sing praises to the Lord, and also to share our God-given talents through instrumental worship accompaniment. 


Our OWLS group (Older and Wiser Lutheran Seniors) is a ministry of seniors who meet once a month on the second Wednesday at noon and share a potluck at Good Shepherd for fellowship, education, and supporting each other. We often take short road trips within Kentucky or Cincinnati to visit museums or other places and then have lunch. 

Youth Groups

Good Shepherd currently has two active youth groups encouraging Christian fellowship and learning among youth of all ages.

Human Care 

The purpose of Human Care is to serve people in need and bring joy to both those being served and those serving by providing loving and compassionate care primarily to members of our congregation and the local community. By generously giving our time, talents, and treasures, we will faithfully and passionately lead the un-churched and non-believers to know the Word and love of Christ, in both word and deed. 

Whiz Kids

Good Shepherd partners with a local elementary school to provide relational one-to-one literacy tutoring to at-risk students through a program called Whiz Kids, a program of City Gospel Mission