A Few Good Men

Looking for a few good men

At Good Shepherd, our constitution requires us to vote on Elders once per year and goes further to ensure a rotation of the members of the board of Elders by only allowing those serving to fill two terms. This election cycle we are looking to fill four (4) positions.

 As an aside, you are not too young or too old to serve as an Elder. My first time serving as an Elder I was 25 years old and of course there are many who have served on the board who are older than I am today.

What does the Elder do?

At Good Shepherd, the role of Elder for the church is to watch over the spiritual health of the congregation. Specifically to call members who are irregular attendance. We measure the spiritual health of the congregation through the member’s regular attendance at worship and partaking in communion. Our other role is overseeing the worship and music of the Church as this is directly tied to Spiritual health. 

We have been blessed at Good Shepherd with capable Pastors and Church musicians. In the past the Elders have become involved in details on worship and music. As the church moved from being a mission congregation our “style” has become set and we spend little time in this area.

As the church considers projecting elements of the worship service we first discussed this in the monthly meeting of the Board of Elders. We next brought it to the council and then the voters. The Board had an initial approval of the idea and then a committee was formed to see the elements required through. If changes are needed the Congregation would ultimately make that decision as the impact will be on more than just the Board.

We have sometimes worked with Christian Education on appropriate materials. We approved general guidelines for the discussion and purchasing of materials. Our goal is to remain faithful to our Lutheran beliefs and allow the various boards to perform their work.

On Sundays we are responsible for opening and closing the church buildings. I can imagine 100 years ago the role would have lit the stove to heat the sanctuary in the winter or open the windows to cool the building in the summer.

On Sunday mornings you can often see us as we assist our pastor in the communion distribution. This is a great blessing for us to assist the Pastor serving communion. We always keep in mind that we are there for you, the members of Good Shepherd, and not to just open up and close the building or serve communion.

Here is what the Good Shepherd constitution says about the board:

A.     This Board shall consist of four (4) or more members, including the Chair/Head Elder. They shall all be elected by the congregation. Elders shall be male members of the congregation.

B.     The Board of Elders is responsible for the supervision of congregational worship, the spiritual welfare of the congregation and its members, and the welfare of the called church workers and their families.

C.     Specific duties of the Board of Elders shall include:

1. Oversight of the compensation and benefits for called church workers.

2. Counsel and assist the Pastor in the spiritual care of the congregation.

3. Monitor church and Communion attendance by the members and make personal contacts with members who are irregular in their attendance at worship and The Lord’s Supper.

4. Maintain discipline within the congregation according to the Scriptures, the Lutheran Confessions and the Constitution and By-Laws of this congregation. In cases of contention and strife, the elders shall endeavor to bring about reconciliation and harmony among the members.

5. Supervise the work of the Worship-Music Committee. One elder shall be appointed to serve on this Committee.

6. Supervise the work of the Altar Guild.

7. Offer assistance and comfort to those members who are in distress.

8. Assist the Pastor with supervision of confirmation instruction for youth and adults.

If you are feeling called to serve on the board of Elders please let me know. We are indeed looking for a few good men to serve. Please ask me any questions.

Blessings on your week.

Glen Leavens, Head Elder