Leadership Corner July 2018


Leadership Corner - Immeasurably More

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work in us, Ephesians 3:20

Immeasurably More was the theme of the Ohio District Convention. Let me confess here and now, I look through dubious-gray colored glasses when I try to match the theme to the reality in the District. I am always reminded, however, that I "see now through a glass dimly" and definitely not with God's big picture perspective.

Therefore, and most important, we need to take stock of the immeasurably more that He is able to do within our collective view and giftedness. Hence the following.

New Challenge #1

The new Council leaders reviewed job descriptions and discovered references to newsletter submissions. Rather than accept that we don't do that anymore, I've challenged our leaders (and myself) to look for ways to inform by making their periodic reports more broadly informative.

Some of you may recall completing the Communication Survey last fall. One of the main points learned was that, after the Voice, we generally appreciate news electronically via email and a majority preferred a formatted newsletter. We're going to try a new twist on the concept and see if we can't keep folks immeasurably more informed electronically using both email and our website. Immeasurably more to come. Patience required.

New Challenge #2

Think bigger - immeasurably bigger. The leadership team has been challenged to look outside the normal stuff we assume to do and pick one thing to focus/enlarge on; collaborating with other boards to leverage all the resources we have. They will be asking their boards and I am asking you, GSL, is there something you are passionate about? Something we've thought too big for us to accomplish? Something we do now, but could do so much more with? Is there a member out there who's always wanted to try _____________ (fill in the blank for yourself). Then let's hear it!

Garth Brooks happens to be one of my fave country singers and he's got a line that goes "failure isn't failure if a lesson from it's learned". I love that line. Doesn't matter if we fail to reach the expectation, we've worked and learned. What we learn is that if the thing wasn't on God's spec sheet, it will be a rough road with hard lessons. And if it is - just wait for the "Wow"! But nothing is accomplished, let alone immeasurable, if we don't seek and ask and try! Put your thinking and courageous-doing caps on!

New Challenge #3 - The lesson of the tap root.

Have you ever seen a tap root? I'd always heard about the tap root of the oak tree, how it burrows deep and you have to get the whole thing when uprooting and transplanting, but I'd never seen one until the other day.

The little oak was only 8 inches tall, one of the almost annual sprouts beneath the Rose of Sharon courtesy of my persistent little chipmunks. My plan was to try and save it by moving it to a perfect spot in my yard where the rabbits had already created a nice burrow, now abandoned.

I started digging. The oak was wedged between two stout roots of the Rose of Sharon. It would not have survived being pinched between them. It was frustrating, requiring a trowel not a shovel. The ground was hard. There was no way to get all the way down, so I did the stubborn German thing, and started pulling. It had a 'Y' shaped root stem. One side broke away and then, after a bit more yanking, out came the main, tab root and all.

White, no hairy little side roots, smooth, sleek, for the singular purpose of burrowing deep, undistracted; anchoring that little oak and providing the moisture and nutrients it found deep down in the earth.

I moved the little oak to the new hole, not nearly deep enough. The tap root had to be coiled. It lasted only a couple days before succumbing.

So what's the lesson besides I shouldn't mess with little oaks? It's this.... How many of us have a healthy tap root? One that burrows deep, undistracted, with singular purpose to get the living water and nutrients deep down in the earth that is God's word, Scripture? How many of us have yanked up and moved our tap root to a new, shallower hole to which we've succumbed? Easier, but not life sustaining?

I challenge all of Good Shepherd to take a long hard look at the health of their individual tap roots. Are you fully, deeply connected? Are your children? Are you getting the rich food and drink you can only get from God's Word? Are you Reading, Marking and most important, Inwardly Digesting?

When the roots are strong and deep, the little oak becomes the mighty oak, unmovable, unshakeable, unbeatable.

Come. God's word awaits you in worship, in bible studies, in Sunday School. Taste and See what's on Tap! Immeasurably More than you could have ever dreamed!

Looking eagerly forward to Tapping in Deep with you all.



*any guesses?