Notes from the Head Elder

What is the role of the Elder in our Church?

Here is what I shared with my board after being elected to the head elder position.

Our Expectations

  • You are an example for the congregation—regular in attendance for worship and Bible study.

  • When on duty, wear a sport coat with a name tag.

  • All members are touched by their elder.

  • We are moving forward in ministry at Good Shepherd. Each of us is doing the right thing in our own eyes. Please give me and others the same benefit of the doubt you want for yourself. (Proverbs 16:2 All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirit.)

Each elder was assigned part of the alphabetical membership list of our congregation and asked to call every family on his list. We are concerned about the spiritual health of the congregation.  The church constitution asks us to follow-up with members in irregular attendance. Please sign in each time you attend as that is how we track attendance.

Our instructions:

  1. As an elder you are responsible for introducing yourself to each family on your list.
  2. If they have not been regular in attendance, ask them if we can assist with anything in their lives. Follow-up.

I have asked the elders to share with those who missed church that everyone who attended left the church on Sunday happy with God’s blessings. We all want to share how we enjoyed the stimulation of Christian fellowship. If coming together in worship was not important, we could broadcast our services or just send our sermons via email.

My belief is that our congregation should be a close-knit fellowship, a family in which we share tears and laughter and are genuinely interested in each other; bearing, caring, and sharing burdens. Shepherd sheep before they lose their way. It’s easy to maintain fellowship with friends, relatives, and cronies. But it’s equally easy to ignore the odd person, the reticent one, the “stranger” whom we don’t know. Good Shepherd has always been a friendly congregation, and we want to ensure that all feel welcome and none feel unwanted and fall away because we’ve excluded them from the circle of our friendship and activity. We ask the elders to include everyone in church activities because Christ invites everyone to His banquet table.

Of course the Board of Elders discusses why members may not be in regular attendance, and we are by necessity a closed meeting for that reason. We do require assistance from all to help with each other to walk together in Christ.

The other duties we perform are ensuring the church is unlocked and open before worship and locked and closed after worship services as well as assisting the Pastor with the distribution of communion. 

-Glen Leavens, Head Elder

Please click here to see who your elder is (determined by your last name) and feel free to contact your Elder if you have any spiritual care needs.