God Will Meet Us Where We Are

Well, we just ended one of my favorite times of the year, VBS!  I am not sure where my love for VBS comes.  I really don’t have many memories of VBS as a child, but do remember the first day I took Katelyn to VBS at Good Shepherd.  This was before the new addition had been added onto our church and our sanctuary had been turned into a workshop for “Rick the Brick.”  I was in awe of all the decorations, the music, and all of the kids that were dancing around to the music.  Within a few years I found myself being a bigger part of VBS, and even coordinating it for 6 years.  It was truly a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience.  I think what I enjoy most is the excitement and enthusiasm the kids show, all while learning more about Jesus.  I have always felt that if you can meet people where they are, you have a better chance of really impacting them and their lives.  VBS does this for kids.  They always pick a fun and exciting theme that they think can grab a kid’s attention.  They then find Bible stories to go along with the themes, always ending with Jesus’ death and resurrection so they can know the biggest and most important story!  They develop fun and catchy songs that the kids end up singing all week (I still sing some from several years ago).  Then of course they have great games and crafts to go along with the stories!  I will admit, sometimes the kids don’t really catch the true meaning or importance of the story; however, a seed has been planted and hopefully it will continue to grow.

Even as an adult I still find that sometimes I struggle with the true meaning of the story when reading my Bible.  Admittedly, I did not read my Bible nearly as much as I should have in the past unless forced to do so because of confirmation or a Bible class.  In the past few years that has changed.  I now make it a point to do a Bible study each morning when I get up.  I have found that by doing this my day gets off to a good start and it feels much more complete.  My relationship with God has grown greater, and I find myself wanting to know more.  I am amazed that even though I grew up in a Lutheran church and have attended church my whole life, there is still a lot in the Bible I don’t know.  Getting back to the comment of meeting people where they are - I found that by finding a book that explains, correlates, and ties everything together it has increased my thirst as well as my understanding of the Bible.  It has also helped me to develop a closer relationship with God.  My son Ty received an Action Bible for Christmas.  I have seen Grant and Emily Reasoner walking around with the same Bible.  My son has now read the whole Bible because he found a book that put it in a way that is interesting to him. 

I hope each and every one of you are doing well in your spiritual life.  I hope you have found something that keeps you captivated and keeps you longing for more.  Our relationship with God is extremely important.  John 15:5 states: “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in Me and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without Me ye can do nothing.”  Those words are so true.  I pray for each of you and your spiritual journey.  I pray that God feels you with his love, and gives you a desire to want to know more and to want to do more.


Yours in Christ,

Becky Aragon, GSLC President