An Update From Council

Notes from March Council Meeting:

1) Pastor is looking into doing a congregational visioning sometime in the near future. We are coming upon our church's 25th anniversary in the year of 2020 and it is felt that this would be a good time to re-assess what our vision is at Good Shepherd. There will be more on that to follow as the year goes on.

2) We will be having our next Mobile Food Pantry in May.

3) Andy and Ryan are looking at potential dates in the summer for folks to go down to Paintsville for a mission project. Let them know if you're interested!

4) The church has hired a new housekeeper who will start on the 23rd of March. He will come one day a week to clean the church. Any issues should be brought to Becky Aragon’s attention.

5) We have a new council secretary – Lisa Berns – thank you so much for stepping up and helping!

6) Our next meeting will take place on April 9th.