Technology Committee Update

Here is the latest update from our Technology Committee:

The committee is recommending the voters approve on May 20th spending $11,400 to add two Short Throw Laser Projectors in the church sanctuary with all labor supplied by GSLC workers. The church has been blessed with over $10,000 in contributions for the technology to date as well as a donation to add a monitor in the nursery. The remaining funding is from previously contributed memorial funds.

The bid includes:

  • Cabling, wiring, and switches/splitters
  • BlackMagic Web Presenter (so we can control what we send in terms of Video & Audio to the nursery)
  • 55" TV (confidence monitor - Back)
  • 15" Monitor  - Computer Control Station
  • 32" Monitor/TV in Nursery
  • Video Camera (recording Sanctuary for nursery)
  • TV Mounts
  • Both Displays  (Projectors) installed up front in the sanctuary

Pastor Bill was involved with the planning and discussions behind the recommendation. Becky Aragon as congregation President was involved in the discussion and meetings as well. Also a big thank you to the following committee members for your efforts: Regina Bremer, Eric Berns, Andy Gawura, John Gumm, Scott Holloway, Glen Leavens, Justin O’Grady, Christine Reasoner, Bill Shaw, Vince Woolley. 


  1. Why are we doing this project?
    To enhance our spiritual growth and our worship life. God's Word is certainly timeless.  But it always communicated through present-day tools.  In our society, audiovisual learning is increasingly common and effective.  Therefore, we do well to explore how we might leverage these trends to learn more about God's love for us and His plan for our lives. The addition of projectors as a part of the worship service will enhance the worship experience by providing additional viewing points for the congregation during worship services.  We also have the ability to add additional media, like photos or videos to enhance the services.
  2. What are the ongoing costs for maintenance and how long are these projectors expected to last?
    For the most part, we should see 10+ years of good operation and maybe even up to 15 years. It’s hard to promise anything that far out as we could have lighting strike or just something goes wrong. The Equipment comes with a one year warranty.  Under normal circumstances, you should see many good years out of all this.
  3. How does projecting the service assist the Pastor?
    It gives him more tools for communicating God's Word.  Projected Scripture verses, key words/outlines, pictures, videos, etc. are all possible ways to increase engagement as well. Pastor Bill formerly led a congregation that projected the service and found that the ability to display the worship service enhances his ability to bring the message to the congregation.
  4. How does projecting the service help me worship on Sundays?
    In Pastor Bill's previous congregation, many people found the order of service easier to follow.  Some of the elderly members found the information much easier to see and appreciated not having to deal with the heaviness of the hymnals.  Parents/grandparents appreciated not having to juggle bulletins and hymnals in addition to their loved ones and their food, toys, etc. As a member or visitor you will know where we are at during the service by glancing at the projected images. Our voices project better when looking up, where the cross of Christ is located instead of down when we are looking at the bulletin as we do today. LCMS congregation are adopting this technology to assist the members participate fully in the worship service. If someone is concerned by the use of new technology within church, we should look to the success Martin Luther found with expanding God’s Kingdom through German bibles via the printing press. 
  5. Will we still have bulletins?
    Yes. We are planning a gradual adoption of the new format as we get use to the change. We do not yet know the shape of the bulletin. We anticipate a consolidated, outline format available for those who like to use the screens throughout the entire service. The Voice would continue in its current format.
  6. What is happening to the banners?
    They would be redeployed elsewhere in the sanctuary.  We have asked the Altar Guild to determine the exact placement.  We continue to appreciate all those who have made these banners over the years.
  7. Will I be able to read the projection?
    Most definitely.  During testing, it was proven that the words and images were clearly visible from all areas of the sanctuary.   
  8. Is the projector just a big distraction?
    No. Its size and placement does not overshadow the important fixtures and furnishings of God's house, such as the cross, altar, paraments, baptismal font, communion ware, etc. The new medium will help convey the message. Our church will continue to preach the good news. The new technology, like the addition of the hymnal is to assist the worship experience and bring us closer to Christ. Distractions are absorbed differently by each individual and no answer is found for 100% of cases.  Ideally, if a congregant is focused on the words and content displayed, the “distractions” are welcomed!
  9. Who will run the system?
    People who are currently helping with the sound system today will be trained on the new system. Please consider volunteering to assist this ministry.
  10. What will happen to the hymnals?
    All hymnals in the sanctuary would continue to be available for use. The hymnals are part of the church and we are excited that they may come into greater use. Our ability to display musical notes is a potential distraction. For congregational members wanting music, the hymn numbers will be printed and displayed so you can follow along.
  11. What do we expect projected during the service?
    The elements that are part of the LCMS worship service will continue as it does today. We anticipate taking elements from the bulletin and projecting them for the benefit of the congregation. The message, Christ crucified and preaching Law and Gospel will remain. Pastor Bill will lean on the power of prayer as he does today for the Spirit to guide the message and the images used. If Pastor Bill has any questions he will consult with the Elders to ensure content will be appropriate for worship. Pastor is experienced in using this technology with a previous congregation.  Younger families will appreciate the technology within the sanctuary as well as the monitor/audio in the nursery.  Visitors should be comfortable with this technology if they’ve visited other churches, as it’s becoming a new expectation/standard at other churches as well.

We had our final meeting on Wednesday, May 2nd to discuss the proposals for display systems in both the Sanctuary and nursery.  Here are some of the images from our demo. Please note that this demo did not use the same equipment as in the final proposal, but equipment to get a similar image, one as close to the final as possible, without any modification to our walls at this time.